10 Gut Feelings You Should Never Ignore

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1. When something feels “off” even if everything looks perfect, and logically, there’s nothing wrong. Because logic has nothing to do with it.

2. On the contrary, when something feels inexplicably right for you, even if the after-thoughts are that of fear or embarrassment.

3. When that little voice rears it’s ugly head and tells you at the most mundane moment: but you don’t really love them.

4. If you feel as though you are in danger. Don’t worry about looking “crazy” because it seems like there’s nothing plausibly risky to anybody else.

5. That there’s something wrong with your body; an illness, whether it’s benign or not. If you even have an inkling that something feels off beyond your usual day cold, have it checked out. It is always worth it in the end.

6. The moment something happens and you say to yourself instantly, this isn’t going to…

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7 Awful, But Satisfying Ways To Feel Better About Yourself

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7 Awful, But Satisfying Ways To Feel Better About Yourself

1. Watch some reality TV and get a massive confidence boost.

There’s a catch22 here because watching the traditionally shameful cast members of reality TV makes you feel like you’re not so bad at life, but then the fact that you’ve indulged in six straight hours of MTV negates any confidence you just gained. Try to forget the latter part and focus on the fact that at least you aren’t a part of True Life: I’m A Textaholic in any way, shape, or emoticon. Also, try to disregard the fact that the cast of Jersey Shore is currently loaded, and the various Real World/Road Rules Challenges look like a damn good time, only focus on the many negative aspects of reality television. Y’now, Teen Mom, the stupid people on Catfish, etc.

2. Google “famous people who succeeded later in life.”

Oh, John Hamm’s career didn’t really have significant…

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5 Awesome Ways To Feel Sorry For Yourself

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Sometimes you just need an extended period of time to mope around and be temporarily miserable. Here’s the thing, if you’re going to be a bump on a log then be the most awesome log bump around. Self-loath like a champ, with the most unproductive, slightly pathetic acts of wretchedness.

1. Daydream about what would happen if you died.

Would people even care? Would Mom and Dad be cavalier about burying their child? I bet some friends wouldn’t even show up. Mom would call to inform them of the funeral and they’d be like, “Sweet, who all is going?” and my Mom would list the people she knows will be present before getting the response, “Thanks for the invite, but there are half off appetizers at Applebee’s, so…. But my condolences and junk!”

Also, which friends would take your death the worst? Which acquaintances would surprisingly show up for your…

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