5 Awesome Ways To Feel Sorry For Yourself

Thought Catalog

Sometimes you just need an extended period of time to mope around and be temporarily miserable. Here’s the thing, if you’re going to be a bump on a log then be the most awesome log bump around. Self-loath like a champ, with the most unproductive, slightly pathetic acts of wretchedness.

1. Daydream about what would happen if you died.

Would people even care? Would Mom and Dad be cavalier about burying their child? I bet some friends wouldn’t even show up. Mom would call to inform them of the funeral and they’d be like, “Sweet, who all is going?” and my Mom would list the people she knows will be present before getting the response, “Thanks for the invite, but there are half off appetizers at Applebee’s, so…. But my condolences and junk!”

Also, which friends would take your death the worst? Which acquaintances would surprisingly show up for your…

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